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First Alpha is almost ready.

After months of silence the first site that uses the Babbling Brook protocol is almost ready. I need some alpha testers. If you have a few hours to spare then please email me at and I'll send you a link. You don't need any tech experience to be a tester, just a willingness to let me know when things go wrong.

An alpha is now live

Cobalt Cascade has been designed to help you become familiar with Babbling Brook features. It is primarily aimed at developers who might be interesting in creating a site that uses Babbling Brook and the generally curious who like to look at something new. It is a little more complex than most social networking sites (It has to be, in order to show all the possibilities), most Babbling Brook sites will be simpler than this one, using just a subset of the possible features to create something you are more familiar with.

Codebase now on Github

The codebase is now live on Github.
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