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In the last post we explored how making a blog post is similar to buying some onions (the korma was delicious). In this post we will examine the first of the differences: That anyone can consume a blog post without giving something in return.

The answer is that you paid for it without realising. Let's use Facebook as an example. I've taken a picture of some beautiful onions that I am going to make into curry and posted it on Facebook. You load up Facebook and see the post and at the same time you glance at an advert to the side of the post. Bazzam, money has changed hands. I didn't receive any money but Facebook did. I am being paid with services in kind. Instead of money I get the opportunity to see a video post you make of your kids eating a chocolate bar - or rather smearing it everywhere.

Let's do another example. You are reading this blog post yet there are no adverts. How am I getting paid for the service of writing this blog? I'm doing it in the hope that you will tell your friends about Babbling Brook. I need to get the attention of as many people as possible before I launch a crowd funding campaign so that I can buy more onions to feed me whilst I work on Babbling Brook. I am being paid in eyeballs. Urrrk, I'd rather have chocolate.

The point of this post is that we do pay for the social media that we consume, we just don't use money to do so. Babbling Brook takes this process to the next level, making it possible to exchange resources as well as just posts, tweets and images. We'll look at how it does that shortly, but first, the next post will look at the second difference between a monetary transaction and a social media one - value is assigned after the transaction rather than before.

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