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Identity transactions

In a recent Guardian article, Dave Birch talks about a cashless society that uses reputation rather than money to facilitate transactions. It is a similar idea to the one behind Babbling Brook.

If you scroll down to the comments you will see a common criticism of this idea that I want to address.

“Great, an economy based on Facebook likes and twitter cred.”

The comment is meant ironicly, but it raises an important point. Do we really want a society based of something as shallow as that?

My response to this kind of criticism is that a society that uses social networking to exchange value will look very different from the social networks of today.

A tweet costs a user very little. It has very little real value and this makes it easy for the shallow and fickle to thrive. But what if every comment effected your salary? I don't think twitter comments would be so shallow then.

Having your salary effected by a comment on twitter also sounds like a bad idea, but perhaps it is possible to have something in between. Perhaps together we can find that balance. This is what Babbling Brook is designed to do. It lets us decide where the balance lies. It lets us choose what is important and what is not.

It does this by putting the power of the networks algorithms into our hands. It lets us decide how we judge each other.

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