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How Babbling Brook can develop into an economic system

It can be hard to imagine how a social network can develop into an economic system. Let's start with an analogy that explains the difficulty. We all know how money works in our everyday lives, but imagine for a moment that you live in a small tribe that has never seen money. One day a group of very strangely dressed people approach your village. They see some baskets that you have made and they want to exchange some grubby bits of paper for them. What would you think? Would you understand that these strange bits of paper could then be exchanged for other things? Would you believe them even if it was explained? Money is a very strange concept to someone who was not raised to use it, and the same is true of Babbling Brook. This is why I have designed Babbling Brook to start out as a social network, similar to those that you recognise, and allow it grow organically into an economic system.

Here is the shortest possible, but rather opaque way to explain why it is possible for a social network to develop into an economic system : Both use numbers to indicate value. For example, a tomato might be worth 20 pence and a blog post might have been 'liked' 20 times.

That's it, job done. If you can hand in your 20 pence’s, then I can wrap this blog up. Ok, so it's not really that simple and obtuse. In the next few posts I'll go into a bit more depth and look at some of the ways in which Babbling Brook is both a social network and an economic system.

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