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A finely chopped blog post

In the last post we swapped some onions for some chocolate but in today’s world we use money to buy things. So I've popped down to the local shop and bought the onions. I paid 65 pence for them. Now I'm heading home to make curry. I made the rogan josh but it was a bit too spicy and my tummy wants something mellow today so I'm going to make a korma.

Lets switch gears now and look at a social network. I love onions so much (have you noticed?) that I've written a blog post about making an authentic British Indian takeaway curry – should the onion paste be made from liquidised onions or finely chopped? It turns out that this is a hot topic and fifty five people have 'liked' my post.

On the surface these activities seem different but they actually follow a similar pattern. Value has been assigned to the blog post in a very similar manner as to how I paid for the onions. Both situations involve a producer providing something – onions or a blog post. Then a value is given to it that reflects how much it is worth. However, there are three important differences. Firstly, anyone could read the blog post without giving something in return. Secondly, a value has been assigned after consumption of the blog post. Finally, you only have a limited amount of money but you can make as many likes as you want without cost to yourself.

We will look at these three points in the next few posts.

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