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The project is finished but feel free to look around and contact me on web at Read the final blog post for more details.

An alpha of the first site using Babbling Brook is now live.

Cobalt Cascade has been designed to help you become familiar with Babbling Brook features. It is primarily aimed at developers who might be interesting in creating a site that uses Babbling Brook and the generally curious who like to look at something new. It is a little more complex than most social networking sites (It has to be, in order to show all the possibilities), most Babbling Brook sites will be simpler than this one, using just a subset of the possible features to create something you are more familiar with.

Made for developers

However you want it. Any kind of social website can be built. From a Reddit replacement to a Facebook clone to something not yet imagined

Abstracted components. The elements of social networking abstracted into reusable building blocks that can be recombined in any way you wish.

A shared userbase. You don't have to start from scratch. Build something people like and they will find you through the network.

Made for people

Private. When you want privacy your data is encrypted on your computer and no one can read it but you and those you choose to share it with.

Public. For when you want to share with the world and build a reputation.

Not locked in. Interact with anyone in the network on any website that uses it.


Clients. Enable the social web to be presented in many different ways.

Stores. Let you choose who keeps your data safe.

Streams. Enable you to choose what topics and themes you are interested in.

Rhythms. Put the filtering and moderation of content in your control.

More than a social network

Give and take. Designed to evolve into a network that lets us share our stuff based on our reputation.

Designed to solve real world problems Technology is changing the world; from social networking to surveillance, global warming to automation. Our lives, our jobs and our society is transforming. Babbling Brook is designed to put us, the people, in control of the process.

Coming soon

The Babbling Brook protocol, as well as an open source framework to build websites that use it are nearly ready for alpha testing and will be released in the near future.

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Gain early access and support Babbling Brook on Indiegogo